Thermal insulation material


HSR-K1300 Insulator Fiberglass Silicone返回

      Features and Benefits

      • Thermal conductivity: 1.3W/m-K

      • Electrical insulation

      • Protection against breakdowns


hothree HSR-K1300 (Sil-Pad Insulator Fiberglass Silicone) is a high performance insulator.

It combines special film with a filled silicone rubber. 

The result is a product with excellent thermal performance. 

hothree HSR-K1300(Thermal Conductivity Silicone Sheet) is designed to replace ceramic insulators 

such as beryllium oxide, boron nitride and alumina.

hothree HSR-K1300 (Thermal Silicone Insulator) can be die-cut into various shapes,easy to operate. 

The thermal conductivity can reach 1.3w/m-k and the standard hardness is 90 shoreA.

Thickness is 0.15mm and the standard specification is W300mm*L50m/roll

Produced by our own formula, we can customize the color, hardness and thickness according to the requirements.

hothree HSR-K1300 (Thermal Insulator Silicone Sheet)  Applications

• Power supplies

• Motor controls

• Power semiconductors

Configurations Available

• Sheet form, die-cut parts and roll form

• With or without pressure sensitive adhesive

hothree HSR-K1300 (Sil-Pad Insulator Fiberglass Silicone) can replace BERGQUIST SPK10,Sil Pad K-10,SIL PAD TSP K1300


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