Thermal insulation material


HSR-1600 Thermal Silicone Insulator返回


    · 电隔离                                                       

    · 绝缘性能良好

    · 低安装压力

    · 光滑且高度柔顺的表面


HSR-1600 Thermal Conductive Insulator material is designed for a

wide variety of applications requiring high thermal performance and electrical isolation. These applications also typically

have low mounting pressures for  component clamping.

HSR-1600 Thermal Silicone Insulator material combines a smooth and highly compliant surface characteristic 

with high thermal conductivity. These features optimize the thermal resistance properties at low pressures.

HSR-1600 Thermal Conductivity Silicone Sheet can replace Bergquist SIL PAD TSP 1600S,

Bergquist SIL PAD 900S,Laird Tgard K52

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