Thermal insulation material


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    1. Thermal conductivity 1.2W/m-k

    2. Good  electrical insulation

    3. Good handing an easy re-positioning

    4. Can be used in wide temperature(-40°C-180°C)



HSR-1200 Thermally Conductive Insulators is  a composite of silicone rubber and  fiberglass. The material is flame retardant  

and is specially formulated for use as a thermally conductive insulator. The  primary use for HSR-1200 is to electrically isolate power  sources from heat sinks.

HSR-1200   Thermal Conductivity Silicone Sheet has  excellent mechanical and physical  characteristics. Surfaces are pliable and  allow complete surface contact with  excellent heat dissipation. HSR-1200  Thermal Silicone Pad actually improves  its thermal resistance with age. The  reinforcing fiberglass provides excellent  cut-through resistance. In addition,HSR-1200  is  nontoxic and resists damage from  cleaning agents.

It can replace Bergquist SIL PAD TSP 900,Bergquist SIL PAD 400,Bergquist SPK4

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