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    Laird Tflex HD90000 is available in thickness from 0.020” (500 µm) to 0.200” (5000 µm). Laird can

    provide material to meet your production needs in any region through our local production

    facilities. Please contact your local Laird sales or field engineering contact for samples or



Laird Tflex HD90000 is the latest product in our High Deflection series. Tflex HD90000

combines 7.5 W/mK thermal conductivity with superior pressure versus deflection

characteristics. The combination will allow minimal stress on components while also yielding

low thermal resistance. As a result, less mechanical and thermal stresses will be experienced

within your device.

Laird Thermal Gap Filler FEATURES AND BENEFITS

1. 7.5 W/mK thermal conductivity

2. Low pressure versus deflection

3. Excellent surface wetting for low contact resistance

4. Minimizes board and component stress

5. Low Outgassing

6. Low D3-D20 (< 20ppm)

7. Large tolerance applications

8. Environmentally friendly solution that meets regulatory requirements including RoHS and REACH



1. 0.020” (500 µm) up to 0.200” (5000 µm) thick material available in 250 µm increments

2. Available in standard sheet sizes of 18” x 18” (1000 µm and up only) and 9” x 9” or custom die cut parts.


Tflex™ indicates Laird elastomeric thermal gap filler product line. HD90000 indicates Tflex™ HD90000 product line with thickness in microns


1.Laird Tflex HD91000= 1000 µm (0.040”) thick Tflex™ HD90000 material

2.Laird Tflex HD95000= 5000 µm (0.200”) thick Tflex™ HD90000 material

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