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    Laird conductive fabric shielding tapes offer exceptional conformability and conductivity for dynamic flex applications. Conductive tapes are

    constructed of nickel/copper metallized fabric with a conductive pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). This reliable tape design provides outstanding

    shielding performance while offering superior abrasion and corrosion resistance under high dynamic flex conditions.


Laird Conductive Fabric Shielding Tape 

Significant advantages over other fabric and foil shielding tapes include:

• Available UL510 flame rating.

• Thinner design provides superior flexibility and durability.

• High conductivity and shielding effectiveness.

• Adhesive system provides high peel strength.

• Easy die-cutting and processing.

• Superb adhesion of nickel copper plating.

• Eliminates the potential of injury due to the sharp edges

of metal foil tapes.

EMI shielding tape is available in standard roll widths from 0.394" (10 mm) to 3.937" (100 mm) in 0.197" (5 mm) increments and roll lengths

of 65.62' (20 M). Master rolls are available in sizes up to 1.0 meter widths and 20 meter lengths. For your unique design requirements, custom

die-cut parts are also available.

Some typical applications for EMI shielding tapes include:

• Shielding cables on notebook computers, copiers or other electronic equipment.

• “Fix-it” applications in test laboratories.

• Shielding over a component in which high conformability is essential.

• Shielding or grounding in weight sensitive applications.

• Shielding or grounding for electronic equipment where vibration may be present during operation.


86-726 Standard Tape

86-785 Standard Tape

86-203 Black Tape

86-205 Black Tape

87-580 UL510 Rated

DS005 Double Sided Tape

D6-785FX Double Sided Tape

76-750 Thin Tape

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