Fabric over foam


Laird thin Fabric-Over-Foam返回

    Item is brand new.  Gray color.  Fabric-Over-Foam Profile Gaskets with adhesive backing.

    Fabric material: Knit Mesh Ripstop Taffeta
    Foam Type: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Urethane

    Thin strips of EMI gasket can be easily cut to suit the length needed.


Laird Fabric-Over-Foam,Laird EMI Shielding gasket 

- Shielding effectiveness of >100dB across a wide spectrum of frequencies (MIL-STD 285 mod.)  
- Extremely low compression forces allow for use of light materials 
- Low Surface Resistivity of<0.07 ohms/square provides improved conductivity (ASTM F390). 
- Abrasion resistant metallized fabrics show virtually no degradation in shielding performance after 1,000,000 cycles (ASTMD3886). 
- Urethane & Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) cores provide low compression set ensuring long-term reliability of gasket performance.
- Service temperatures from -40°F to 158°F(-40°C to 70°C). 
- Profile gaskets can be cut to specified lengths, kiss-cut on release liner, or mitered to form frame configurations. 

- Laird Fabric-Over-Foam gaskets are RoHS compliant.

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