LAIRD Fabric-over-Foam Conductive Fabric
08.26/ 2021


Laird is a fully integrated manufacturer of profile and Input/

Output (I/O) EMI shielding gaskets. The metallized Fabric-

Over-Foam product line has been expanded greatly due to our

committed efforts in new product development and meeting or

surpassing regulatory requirements.

This catalog is designed to provide helpful information to

engineers on our expanded product line. In this section, you will

find benefits for Fabric-Over-Foam gaskets, material options and

an extensive list of profile and I/O sizes and configurations.

Laird specializes in quick turnaround of custom shapes and sizes

of EMI shielding gaskets. If you don’t find exactly what you

need, our engineers will help you design the right solution to

your shielding problem.

A sampling for standard profiles are shown; custom

configurations and sizes can be designed to meet your specific

requirements. Profiles are shown in ascending order by height.

The recommended operating compression for Fabric-Over-Foam

EMI Gaskets will vary depending on the shape and size of the

particular gasket.

Typically, D-Shaped, Rectangular Shaped, and Square Shaped

Fabric-Over-Foam EMI Gaskets should be compressed between

30% and 50% of the foam height.

Similarly, C-Shaped Fabric-Over-Foam EMI Gaskets should

typically be compressed between 50% and 75% of the

gasket height.

Force Displacement Resistance (FDR) graphs are available upon

request. Please contact engineering department at Laird when


Certain combinations of materials may not be available for all

Profiles or I/Os. Please consult the Engineering Department at

Laird when unsure.


• Shielding effectiveness of >100 dB across a wide spectrum of

frequencies (see figure 2).

• Extremely low compression forces allow for use of lighter

materials (see figure 1).

• Low Surface Resistivity as low as 0.07 ohms/square dependent

on the fabric. Fabric-Over-Foam gaskets provide improved

conductivity (ASTM F390).

• A wide range of flame retardant gaskets are available

(UL recognized per UL94 V0 or UL94 HB). More information

is available at ul.com.

• Abrasion resistant metallized fabrics show virtually no

degradation in shielding performance.

• Urethane core provide low compression set ensuring

long-term reliability of gasket performance. Contact

Engineering for profile specific data.

• Service temperatures from -40°F to 158°F

(-40°C to 85°C).

• Available in Nickel/Copper (Ni/Cu) and Tin/Copper (Sn/Cu) to

ensure galvanic compatibility with a wide variety of host

materials. Both versions display no significant performance

degradation after environmental exposure per the Accelerated

Aging Test (ASTM B845-93 Method H).

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