15W/m.k Super Thermal pad outperforms BERGQUIST SP2000
11.10/ 2023

HOTHREE HSR-8000 is a special production process to prepare a new product of ultra-high thermal conductivity, 

the product is soft, tough, with ultra-high thermal conductivity, while at the same time a certain degree of insulation properties, 

performance far beyond the world's first-tier brands of similar products.

1. Thermal conductivity and thermal resistance of materials. As we all know, thermal conductivity is the main ability of materials

 to conduct heat, and the value of thermal conductivity coefficient will directly affect the ability of thermal resistance. 

Other conditions remain unchanged, the thermal resistance value is inversely related to the thermal conductivity, 

the higher the thermal conductivity, the lower the thermal resistance value, the better the thermal conductivity. 

Generally speaking, the improvement of thermal conductivity relies on the increase of fillers within the silica gel and the application 

of higher thermal conductivity powders (e.g. boron nitride, etc.), which are relatively more costly.

Compared with the well-known brand BERGQUIST SIL PAD TSP 3500, in the same test environment, the thermal resistance of HSR-8000 0.25mm 

thickness is only 0.08℃-in2/W. The thermal impedance of BERGQUIST SP2000 is 0.25℃-in2/W. HSR-8000 has a better thermal conductivity.

2. Hardness and softness of the material. In addition to the hardness of the material and the pressure of the compression ratio, 

the most important thing is in the application and the heat sink or heat source between the overlay. 

Thermally conductive gasket surface softness, hardness is small, the surface tension is small, the easier it is to infiltrate the surface to be pasted, 

and the surface to be pasted completely fusion, without any gap generation, greatly reducing the contact between the two thermal resistance.

hothree HSR-8000 is an ultra-thin, soft and tough material with a hardness of 80 ShoreA, which is softer and more flexible than BERGQUIST SP2000 (hardness 90 ShoreA).

3. Insulation performance. For thermally conductive silicone film, insulation performance is one of the important parameters to measure the quality of the product.

hothree HSR-8000 15W thermal pad is a product with both high thermal conductivity and high insulation performance, 

its insulation performance is 10KVac/mm, and the breakdown voltage of BERGQUIST SIL PAD 2000  is 4000VAC.

Combined with the above three parameters, the performance of hothree HSR-8000 has a clear advantage over 

BERGQUIST SP2000 in the areas of thermal conductivity, insulation, and applicability.

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