Thermal insulation material


High thermal conductivity pad返回

    High thermal conductivity: 15W/m-K

    Low thermal resistance

    Soft material


HSR-8000 is a boron nitride-filled silicone elastomer with high thermal conductivity pad, low density, 

and low dielectric properties. It is ultrathin and flexible with high strength thermal silicone pad, can be back glue, 

which can meet the thermal management requirements in the applications such as new 

energy vehicles, communications, power supplies, etc.



2.Power semiconductors

3.Electronic Controls for Automobiles

4.High Performance Semiconductor Lasers

Configurations Available

1.Sheet form, die-cut parts

2.With or without pressure sensitive adhesive

HSR-8000 is not only high performance thermal pad, but also is a  Heat sink thermal pad,

but most importantly, it is ultra soft thermal pad.

In all, it's the best thermal pad  beyond Berquist SIL PAD TSP 3500.

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