Thermally conductive bonding film to replace locking screws
10.23/ 2023

Thermally conductive heat curable laminate material is used to fix and thermally conductive adhesive bonding between MOS tubes and heat sinks, 

filling the gap between MOS tubes and heat sinks at the same time, replacing the screw fastening, simplifying the production process,

 increasing the safety distance of the components, and simplifying the design of the heat sink structure.

Thermally conductive adhesive film has been fully recognised by customers and widely used. Gradually replaced the traditional power supply product 

design in the heat sink locking screw process design, improve the locking screw process brought about by the inefficiency, unstable voltage resistance,

 waste of design space and other shortcomings, and to ensure a better thermal conductivity, improve the competitiveness of the product.

General Thermal Conductive Insulation Sheet

Thermally conductive bonding film to replace locking screws

We recommend the models suitable for this process are BERGQUIST Bond-Ply LMS-HD,Arlon 1500FG-9 and our hothree products.

The breakdown voltage of our products can reach 5000Vac like BERGQUIST.

BERGQUIST Bond-Ply LMS-HD needs to be stored at low temperatures, while ours can be stored at room temperature.

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