How guarantee effectiveness?
01.12/ 2023

Thermal paste is a product with a thermal performance that can be applied to the substrate to show a good thermal effect 

without waiting for it to cure before proceeding to the next step. To make the thermal paste perform well, 

you need to pay attention to the following three points.

a. Quality. 

Thermal paste quality is very important, good quality products thermal performance is more secure, such as BERGQUIST, 

specializing in providing thermal paste application solutions, a wide range of uses, can be used in new energy, military,

medical, aviation, shipping,electronics, automotive, instruments, power, high-speed rail and other industry sectors.


b.Construction technology. 

Heat-conducting paste has high requirements for construction technology, and must be operated by professional construction

personnel, if the construction is not correct or not standardized will lead to poor results of heat-conducting paste. 

For this, it is often ignored and mistaken for quality problems, so it is important to master the correct construction process.  


c.choose the right. 

There are many brands of thermal paste, different brands with different specifications have different thermal conductivity,

so when you buy it, you need to understand the thermal index of the thermal paste you need to buy, and whether it matches the components used, 

the two do not match the thermal conductivity is not good.


Thermal paste is a widely used thermal material, some thermal materials are suitable for use in the CPU, and some are suitable for use in the display,

buy brand, adapt to the field of product safety, effective to avoid waste. Thermal paste needs attention when buying, good quality thermal paste not

only has good thermal conductivity, but also good insulation, dustproof performance. Although some thermal paste has a good thermal conductivity, 

 but the insulation performance is relatively poor, the use of such products have a certain risk.


The shelf life of thermal paste is relatively short, unopened thermal paste needs to be stored at low temperature, valid for six months, once opened need to be used up as soon as possible. 

Commonly used thermal paste models are GAP FILLER 3500S35, BERGQUIST GF3500S35,GAP FILLER TGF 3600,  GAP FILLER TGF 1500, GAP FILLER TGF 2000, GAP FILLER TGF 4000

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