Why use thermally insulating?
08.29/ 2022

How to work properly in high temperature environments is a problem that must be solved in the development of machinery and equipment. 

It is inevitable that heat will be generated when the equipment is running, because heat is generated when the current passes through the resistance. 

Of course, the heat generation process of the equipment is not the overall heat generation, but some electrical components that consume electricity, 

so people install heat sinks at the heat source to direct the excess heat outside the equipment.

Air is a poor conductor of heat. There is a gap between the contact interface of the heat sink and the heat source. The air in the gap prevents the transfer 

of heat between the heat source and the heat sink, so thermally conductive caulking is used at this point. As a thermally conductive caulking agent, the amount 

of heat in contact between the heat source and the radiator can be reduced, increasing the efficiency of heat transfer.

Thermally conductive insulation sheets are a special kind of thermally conductive gap filling material. Thermally conductive insulation is a high-performance elastomeric

 insulating material based on a special film. It has excellent tear resistance and good thermal conductivity, as well as excellent insulation properties. It is widely used in

 industries such as electronics and electrical appliances. Thermally conductive insulating sheets generally have a high breakdown voltage strength, which prevents 

breakdown and leakage. Furthermore, they are soft, tear resistant, ageing resistant and highly thermally conductive insulation for the extreme environments mentioned 

above. Thermally conductive insulating sheets

In addition to their function as filler and thermal conductor, they have a high breakdown voltage, avoiding breakdown and leakage and ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.

Commonly used thermal insulation sheets are SIL PAD TSP 1800,SIL PAD TSP A3000,SIL PAD TSP K900,SIL PAD TSP K1100

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