What is the thermal pad?
08.03/ 2022

The increase in productivity is a sign of social development. All kinds of machines and equipment are used in all aspects of life and work, 

making life and work easier and more efficient. Most machines and equipment are powered by electricity and their operation not only generates efficiency but also heat.

Heat is an inevitable result of the operation of machinery and equipment, because the conversion of electrical energy into a target to achieve energy will be accompanied 

by losses, most of the energy lost will be dissipated to the outside in the form of heat, a simple illustration is that when the current can pass through the resistance will 

generate a lot of heat, and we now national machine production equipment to miniaturisation, high integration, multi-functional direction and development, 

so its internal network space Resource utilisation is extremely high, resulting in a low space for its internal control limited company, 

heat is not easily circulated, which easily makes its local environment temperature rise.

High temperatures can lead to the failure of temperature-sensitive electronic components such as semiconductors and capacitor electrolytics, accelerated ageing of 

equipment materials and increased internal mechanical stress, affecting the performance, service life and safety of the equipment. Therefore, timely heat dissipation is required. 

The usual method of heat dissipation is to reduce heat by installing a heat sink at the heat source and directing the heat from the heat source to the heat sink.

In fact, there is a problem. There is a gap between the heat source and the heat sink, i.e. two polished surfaces, the two cannot fully touch the physical surface, 

therefore there is air between them, the air will hinder heat transfer, increase the contact thermal resistance and reduce the thermal conductivity, 

so a thermal conductive gasket is needed here. A thermal conductive gasket is a special thermal conductive material to aid cooling, which reduces the thermal resistance 

between the heat source and the heat sink and improves heat transfer, so a thermal conductive gasket is What is it?

BERGQUIST thermally conductive gaskets are a gap-filling thermally conductive gasket made of a heat resistant, thermally conductive material on a silicone resin base. 

It has high thermal conductivity, low interfacial thermal resistance, insulating properties and compressibility. Due to its softness and hardness, a low thermal resistance 

can be achieved at low pressure, while the air between the contact surfaces can be excluded and the rough surface between the contact surfaces can be fully filled, 

thus improving the thermal conductivity of the contact surfaces. Due to the good filling effect of the American Beggs heat-conductive gaskets, 

the heat from the heat source can be effectively transferred to the housing. 

BERGQUIST heat-conductive gaskets have good compressibility and elasticity and can therefore be used as vibration dampers.


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