why choose thermal pad
07.15/ 2022

The thermally conductive insulating sheet is gradually becoming the choice for transmitting heat exclusively by using gaps, 

which can be filled to achieve the advantage of heat dissipation, rapid heat transfer and, in the process of transmitting heat, 

sealing, shock absorption and insulation. In addition it has the following advantages 

Firstly, it can meet the purpose of heat dissipation. 

The problem of temperature rise of various instruments and equipment is not easy to appear, reduce the situation of failure due to 

equipment temperature slowdown, can guarantee the normalisation of operation.

Secondly, it can reduce signal interference. In the use of electronic equipment above, if there is a signal when using it, can obviously 

feel the difference, because it can reduce a variety of signal interference, so that the signal normally reach the purpose to be reached, the normal collection.

Thirdly, it is simple and easy to use. Thermal conductivity absorbing sheet has good applicability, it does not have to worry about the use of 

electronic equipment used, such as non-conformity, good adhesion, strong insulation, simplicity of operation.

Commonly used types of thermally conductive gaskets are BERGQUIST GAP PAD TGP 1000VOUS,Gap Pad TGP HC5000,GAP PAD TGP HC3000,

GAP PAD TGP 5000,GAP PAD TGP 3000,Gap Pad 2500S20....

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