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    Features. : 

    Sarcon GR-m is a highly conformable,thermally conductive 6.0watt/m-k (No electricity

    conductive) in areas where space between surfaces are uneven and surface textures vary.

    Sarcon GR-Hm material conforms to irregular surfaces and fills air gaps.

    Applications include.


Fujipoly SARCON GR-Hm

Construction: Silicone compound with hardened top surface

Application Guidelines:

Between a chassis wall and other surface.

Between CPU and heat sink.

Between a semiconductor and heat sink.

Fujipoly GR-Hm

Product Description    Width x Length                  Thickness

Sarcon 50G-Hm          Usable size                   0.50mm ± 0.1mm

Sarcon 100G-Hm        280mm x 180mm          1.0mm ± 0.2mm

                                (11" x 7.1" )

Sarcon 150G-Hm       Actual size                    1.5mm ± 0.2mm

Sarcon 200G-Hm       300mm x 200mm          2.0mm ± 0.3mm

                               (11.8" x 7.8" )

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