Laird Thermal Gap Fillers Series
01.22/ 2022

Laird Thermal Interface Materials Gap Fillers Series

1.What are Gap Fillers?

Thermal gap fillers are valuable aids as electronic component heat dissipation materials because 

of their thermal conductivity properties. They fill spaces and replace the air from them. 

Air is a poor conductor of heat. Aided by their thermal conductivity properties, gap fillers are scientifically 

engineered to increase overall heat transfer inside a device or system. 

They keep components cooler and within allowable thermal ranges.

A gap filler is a class of thermal interface materials that fills “a large gap” between heat generating 

and heat dissipating surfaces. Often, one gap filler can cover multiple heat sources within an application. 

The material can be placed across three different heat sources with varying heights. A gap filler material is 

expected to be compliant without generating too much pressure within the system. Gap fillers are usually 

silicone based because silicone has many attractive properties such as surface wetting, high thermal stability, 

and physical inertness. Newer offerings can contain no silicone. The silicone is normally used as the binder 

within a gap filler system. The silicone matrix is then filled with thermally conductive fillers - BN, ZnO, and alumina. 

These fillers make up the functional portion of the gap filler which gives it its thermal properties. 

Standard thicknesses of gap fillers tend to be 0.25-5mm (10-200 mils). They feature deflection without excessive pressure. 

Gap fillers need to be relatively compliant to achieve high deflections without generating excess pressure within an application.

The optimal properties of gap filler materials include low total thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity, 

and low contact resistance (good surface wetting).  They should be easy to handle. 

There is a need for low outgassing/low bleeding. 

Excessive outgassing can cause silicone to condense and build up on optical applications.

2.Laird Gap Fillers Series include

Laird Slim Tim 10000

Laird Tflex 300

Laird Tflex 300TG

Laird Tflex 50000

Laird Tflex 600

Laird Tflex 700

Laird Tflex B200

Laird Tflex HD300

Laird Tflex HD300TG

Laird Tflex HD700

Laird Tflex HD80000

Laird Tflex HD90000

Laird Tflex HP34

Laird Tflex HR400

Laird Tflex HR600

Laird Tflex P100

Laird Tflex P300

Laird Tflex RB300

Laird Tflex SF10

Laird Tflex SF600

Laird Tflex SF800

Laird Tgon 800

Laird Tpli 200

Laird Tputty 502

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