Thermal insulation material


HSR-2500 Silicone Thermal Pad返回

    • Between processors and heat sinks

    • Between graphics chips and heat sinks

    • DVD and CDROM electronics cooling

    • Areas where heat needs to be transferred to a frame,chassis or other type of heat spreader

    Configurations Available:

    • Sheet form and die-cut parts


HSR-2500 Interface Pad Heat Transfer Materials  is a thermally conductive, reinforced material rated at a thermal

conductivity of 2.4 W/m-K.The material is a filled-polymer material yielding extremely soft,

elastic characteristics.The material is reinforced to provide easy handling,converting,added

electrical isolation and tear resistance.HSR-2500  Thermal Conductive Sheet, Silica Gel Cooling Pad 

is well suited for low-pressure applications that typically use fixed standoff or clip mounting.

The material maintains a conformable,yet elastic nature that allows for excellent interfacing and wet-out characteristics,even to surfaces with high roughness and/or topography.

HSR-2500  Silicone Thermal Pad For Converter  is offered with inherent natural tack on both sides of the material allowing for stick-in-place characteristics during

application assembly.The material is supplied with protective liners on both sides.The top side has reduced tack for ease of handling.

It can replace Bergquist GP2500S20,Bergquist GPVOUS,Bergquist GPVOS,Bergquist GPVO,Laird tflex 600,Fujipoly GR-L.

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