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Laird Tflex HD300 Seriesreturn

    Laird Tflex HD300 material exhibits excellent surface wetting characteristics and high deflection properties

    ensuring low contact resistances and providing an overall lower total thermal resistance.

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Laird Tflex HD300 is a 2.7 W/mK gap filler material in Laird’s high deflection line of products. Tflex

HD300 is an excellent choice when wide manufacturing tolerances occur as variable gaps can be filled

with Tflex HD300 while generating minimal board and component stress. Laird’s unique

manufacturing capabilities, and filler and resin knowledge result in this unique product designed with

customer applications in mind.

Laird  Tflex  HD300 is provided in thickness from 0.5mm (.020”) up to 5mm (.200”) in 0.5mm (.020”)

increments as standard. In addition, Laird can provide Tflex TM HD300 in multiple converted formats

through approved converters and distribution networks.


1. 2.7 W/m K thermal conductivity

2. Low pressure versus deflection characteristics

3.Excellent surface wetting for low contact resistance

4. Minimizes board and component stress.

5. Large tolerance applications

6.RoHS and REACH compliant



1. 0.5mm (0.020”) to 5.0mm (0.200”) thick material available in 0.25mm (0.010”) increments

2. Available in standard sheet sizes of 18” x 18” and 9” x 9” or custom die cut parts


3. DC1 – eliminate tack from one side


Laird Tflex indicates Laird elastomeric thermal gap filler product line. HD3xxx indicates Tflex HD300 product line with thickness in mils (0.001”)


1.Laird Tflex HD340 = 0.040” thick Tflex™ HD300 material

2.Laird Tflex HD3100DC1 = 0.10” thick Tflex™ HD300 material with DC1 option

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