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LAIRD Fingerstock Metal Gaskets
08.25/ 2021



Part Number Format  


                             Stock Item      Unique Part No.   Finish I.D.                            

                               0 0 9 7 —          0 5 2 0 —        0 2

• In the above example, Laird part number 0097-0520-02 is a

97-520 RFI/EMI shielding gasket with a bright finish

• When ordering UltraSoft ® items, the stock item prefix will

be 0098 or 0078. The above example in UltraSoft would be


• When ordering coil, the prefix 0C should precede the stock

item number; for example: 0C97, 0C98, 0C77 or 0C78

• When ordering stainless steel items, the stock item prefix will

be 0095

• Standard plating finish is 0.0001 in. (0.0025 mm) min. [gold

0.00005 in. (0.0013 mm) min.] but can be varied to meet

your custom needs

• Modifications to standard parts are specified by an X

(following finish I.D.) for quoting only. Upon ordering,

a specific part number will be assigned.

• For tape options, see Adhesive Mounting — Sticky Fingers ®

on page 16

• Use the catalog number for the unique part number and refer

to the following chart for finish I.D.

 Plating Finishes

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