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HTGP 200SF Silicone-Free Gap Fillingreturn

      Features and Benefits

      • Thermal conductivity: 2.0W/m-K

      • Electrical insulation

      • Silicone-free composition

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hothree HTGP 200SF(Non-Silicone Thermal Pad) is a silicone-free thermally conductive gasket made from a non-silicone resin base

 filled with a variety of high performance ceramic powders. It is cost effective, well insulated and flame retardant.

hothree HTGP 200SF (Silicone-Free Gap Filling Material) can be die-cut into various shapes,easy to operate. 

The thermal conductivity can reach 2.0w/m-k and the standard hardness is 45 shore00.

Thickness is 1.0~8mm and the standard specification is W200mm*L400mm/sheet.

Produced by our own formula, we can customize the color, hardness and thickness according to the requirements.

hothree HTGP 200SF (Silicone-free thermal pad)  Applications

• Optical components

• Storage devices

• Silicon sensitive applications

hothree HTGP 200SF (Non-silicone thermally conductive gaskets) can replace BERGQUIST GP2500S40,GAP PAD 2000S40

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