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BERGQUIST Q-Pad 3return


    • Thermal impedance: 0.35°C-in 2 /W

    (@50 psi)

    • Eliminates processing constraints

    typically associated with grease

    • Conforms to surface textures

    • Easy handling

    • May be installed prior to soldering and

    cleaning without worry

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BERGQUIST Q-Pad 3 eliminates problems associated with thermal grease such as contamination of electronic assemblies and reflow solder

baths. SIL PAD TSP Q2000 may be installed prior to soldering and cleaning without worry. When clamped between two surfaces, the

elastomer conforms to surface textures thereby creating an air-free interface between heat-generating components and heat sinks.

Fiberglass reinforcement enables BERGQUIST Q3 to withstand processing stresses without losing physical integrity. It also provides

ease of handling during application.

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